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D-Free LensSeries
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The new D-Free product allows you to offer your customers a technically 3D-optimized spectacle lens.

• Flatter base curve → more aesthetic glass
• Improvement of the channel width and the reading zone 
→ better immediate adaption 
• Reduction of glass thickness → weight reduction 
• Optimized for the OPTIC PROJECT-Designs 
• Backside compensation software can be downloaded via cloud-server




• D-Free stands for a new generation of individual progressive lenses with highest visual comfort.

• The combination of CX and CV freeform surfaces (PARABOLIC) is the logical step in a

maximal optimized generation of progressive lenses.

• By individualizing the PARABOLIC front surface (CX) AND the back surface .

(CV) it is possible for the first time to develop and produce an almost complete distortion-on-free progressive lens.

• Special D-Free calculation algorithms ensure perfectly matched CX and CV surfaces.



Differences to conventional backside processing


 The parabolic CX surface leads to a reduction of the base curve in the far distance. The result is not only a much more aesthetical pleasing appearance, but also less distortion the far distance zone as the front curve becomes flatter.

 Reducing the gradients on the CV side allows better manufacturing possibilities and a wider channel on the back.

 Reduction of total astigmatism

Powermap and cylindermap comparison & Cylinder surface


Visual field comparison