Powerful scientific research ability

· Optimize the function and productivity of existing lens products
· Develop products with new functions
Main Products
Our product line is complete, function is various
Technology Development

WE INTEND TO FOCUS OUR R & D PROGRAM ON TWO AREAS: 1. Optimize the function and production efficiency of existing lens products; 2. Develop products with new features. In terms of optimising existing lens products, we plan to conduct research and development to improve (among other things) the anti-glare and anti-infrared capabilities of the lenses, as well as their antimicrobial properties, and to increase the sensitivity of the Photochromic Lens. In terms of developing new products, we plan to develop new types of double-sided aspherical lenses and lenses with a refractive index of 1.74, as well as products with specific functions such as the prevention of Myopia and fogging.

  • Optimize function and production efficiency
    of lenses
  • Develop new species and
    functional production