Talent development

Gather global elites, diversified development.
Talent concept
We are looking for global talent.
  • 01
    Capable of execution and challenge

    We prefer talented people who have the ability to execute and challenge without worrying about new opportunities and difficult tasks. Focus on being proactive and challenging, and even when you fail, you will find that you can succeed.

  • 02
    People who are constantly trying to improve their skills

    We are looking for positive people who train themselves, immerse themselves in their work and grow. A man who does not work hard can not defeat a man who works hard and prepares, even if he has excellent ability.

  • 03
    Who understand cooperation and coexistence

    People who respect diversity and can achieve results by working with colleagues are truly talented people. Understanding different points of view and maintaining a balanced view is difficult but essential.

Talent Recruitment
We are looking for global talent.
  • Recruitment
Sales Manager
Department:Functional Department

1. Have sales working background, have sharp market feeler and quick thinking ability;

2. Strong marketing and communication skills, excellent negotiation skills;

3. Strong professional dedication and team spirit, able to work under pressure.

Department:Functional Department
  1. Responsible for daily customer reception, optometry, luminosity complaints and other professional technical work;

  2. Responsible for recording the technical data of optometry and mirror matching for customers;

  3. Assist the store manager in professional technical training, quality management and other store management.

  4. Do the cleaning, maintenance and maintenance of optometry equipment;

  5. Perform duties related to the position assigned by superior.