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AG UV++ LensSeries
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Innovation of technology, blocking glares

Adopting Mitsui Chemical's NeoContrast technology, the lens contains a blocking glare ingredient to achieve a brighter and high-definition vision through clear colors with contrast. It can reduce the strong sunlight in the day and the glare from roads during night driving. The front object is clearer to be seen by you when driving which secures your safety, so you can enjoy the wonderful scenery.



Recover color sensitivity of eyes and make eyes younger again and see colors freshl

Through the unique NeoContrast design, AG UV++ lens helps the visually unbalanced people to get visual improvement. After using the eye for a long time, the eyes will feel tired, the visual nerves will be disturbed, and the sensitivity to color will be reduced, which evidently affects the vision. Conant AG UV++ lens can effectively improve the wearer's color contrast sensitivity, which allows the wearer to have a clearer vision and enjoy the colorful world.

Multi function for blocking both blue light and glares

Based on glare blocking function, AG UV++ lens combines blue block function and owns all the advantages and functions of UV++.

It professionally blocks harmful blue light and glare, and relieves the pressure on eyes of businessmen and students when using digital products.