Provide resin lenses
for global customers
Our products are standardized lenses and customized lenses according to refractive index.
Freeform LensSeries

The world’s leading technology of lenses,freeform progressive design,break through the limitations of traditional progressive design.Considering the human engineering principle,the eyeball rotation law is applied to solve the problem of visual field distortion,perfectly make the lenses with the features of broad vision,easy adaptation and comfortable for wearing.

Fine cutting,high technology behind it

 Combine a number of science and technology in one,lens the high-end category in the field of lenses.

 Freeform Progressive Technology:global high-end progressive technology

 Leybold Coating-Clearer,wear-resistant,cleaner,anti-static and dust-proof,make vision clear and persistent.



Distant freeform surface design,digital optical path technology to optimize the astigmatism area,to provide a wide and comfortable distance vision.

 suited people

People who often use distance vision,those who need high vision field,those who work outdoors for a long time.And see the distance.



Balanced freeform surface design,accurate photometric distribution,optimization of astigmatism area,make the far,medium and near distance to be with wider vision to retain a greater vision field effect.

 suited people

All around



Freeform for near distance use,using intelligent addition power technology,enlarges the mid and near vision,smooth changes in powers,more aglie eyesight when using electronic products.

 suited people

People who use electronic products frequently and use near vision.