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Our products are standardized lenses and customized lenses according to refractive index.
High Cylinder LensSeries
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Advanced mold research and development craft 
High cylinder mold is produced independently by Conant. The parameter like lens base bending is highly matched, which is more suitable for high cylinder group.



High-end ion coating craft 
Adopt special coating craft, higher density of lens surface, better wearproof and transmitting performance.



Choose high quality raw material 
Adopt Japan Mitsui raw material. The lens has better optical performance, wearing more comfortable.



High cylinder patients'fast channel 
High cylinder group have higher demand for lens especially wearing for the first time. So they need to choose high cylinder lens which has more scientific optical performance.
High cylinder group need a long time to customize lens. Conant provides ready-made high cylinder lens, which shortens customers’ cycle for getting lens. 
It is more difficult for high cylinder group to choose lens, most of them will choose expensive customized lens.