Provide resin lenses
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Our products are standardized lenses and customized lenses according to refractive index.
Colorful Photochromic LensSeries
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Product Performance

·Radiation protection,relieve the pressure of using eyes
·Hard coating to protect your glasses anytime
·Cut off glare factor,clearer view, enrich vision experience



Intelligent sensitization,change color quickly
Adopt intelligent photochromic factor.The lens is clear,and changes color quickly and evenly.It combines the function of glasses and sunglasses. It can change color intelligently according to intensity of the light:transparent indoors and changes color quickly outdoors.Provide you more comfortable vision feeling.



Multiple function and coating protection
·Hard coating to cut off the damage of electromagnetic wave,reduce the damage of using eyes.
·Intelligent photochromic factor,change color rapidly outdoor,fade to transparent indoor rapidly.
·Vision correction and reduce the tiredness,the stimulation of strong light and harmful light,relieve eyestrain.



Multiple scenes to wear