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Our products are standardized lenses and customized lenses according to refractive index.
Tinting LensSeries
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Variety of color selections, great color distribution. Conant tinted lens see better, great looking, gives wearers comfortable feelings for outdoor lifestyle.



Yellow Lens:hardly absorb visible light,can improve the contrast,provide more accurate images in foggy environment or dusk.
Brown Lens:can filter out a lot of blue light,can improve the contrast and clarity of vision,wear effect is better in foggy weather.
Gray Lens:can absorb light of color equally and reduce the intensity of light.Wearing gray lenses to watch the scenery will not cause chromatic aberration,giving a more realistic and natural view.
Green Lens:maximize the amount of green light reaching the eyes,make people have a comfortable vision,alleviate eye fatigue.
Blue Lens:absorb light of color equally and reduce the light intensity.It is darker color,gives better view in sunlight.
Gradient color Lens:Outdoor can block strong sunlight,indoor,car or weak light can also be used,and wear more beautiful and generous.
Other colors:both practical and decorative,full of fashion elements.