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1.74 CoVisionSeries
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1.74 CoVision



The CoVision Custom Base curve 1.74 Index series of lenses was designed and developed by Ken Schwartz, Co-founder of Oliver Peoples with over 45 years of experience in frame Design, Manufacturing, Custom Rx lens fulfillment and Retail dispensing.

Along with Frank Fei, Founder and President of Conant Optics, our collective goal was to bring Custom Rx lens ordering and fulfillment protocols to the Stock and Semi-finished warehouse, with lens Base curves that meet the American, European and Standard Frame manufacturing curves.



Included in the CoVision Special 1.74 series are the lenses and science that meet every aspect of visual need and lifestyle. Additionally, we’ve mastered a patent pending technology for tintable hardcoat lenses, that is unparalleled in its seamless and uniform color absorption, and can be additionally AR coated and/or Mirror coated in any Solid or Gradient mirror for sport or fashion.

In short we are offering this Special 1.74 index series of lenses factory direct to meet the entirety of the high index marketplace with better optics, better curves and better final inspection efficiencies, for increased scalability on your production lines and happier customers at your dispensaries. Please have a look at our overview and Value propositions for your Brand, your Lab, your Opticians and your Customers.


Helps reduce CO2 emissions.

JORA and USDA certified biomass products.

Product manufactuing generates 14% less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional



Lighter and more comfortable

Ultra high index bio-friendly lens material for super thin lenses. Recommended especially for higher prescriptions. 43% thinner and 32% lighter than organic 1.50 material.




Lens support adding UV++, D-free, tinting, photochromic and other functions. It can

be designed and combined to meet various needs.



Derived from plants

1.74 is a superhigh-index lens made from plant-derived materials. This plant-derived lens material offers performance equivalent to conventional petroleum-derived products.



Filters harmful UV and HEV Blue Light 400-420 and Beyond


Product features


* According to ASTM-d6866-12's 14C measurement, the ratio of carbon derived from biomass

to carbon derived from fossil fuels.

·Standard measurements obtained using a specific test method are not guaranteed.


Comparison of lens thicknesses for indexes 1.50, 1.60, 1.74


Conant 1.74 high index hyperopia series uses MR-174 raw materials from Japans Mitsui Chemicals,which is a super high index and light lens material.Its excellent optical performance allows users to experience comfort and lightness,at the same time it improves color reproduction and clarity.



High index 1.74 finished aspheric lens


Geometry and performance of lenses with steeper Base Curves


Different spherical powers have been tested with two values of the base curve, one shallow and the other more steep.

The radii of the base curves are computed with a reference refractive index of 1.74

The maps represent the oblique errors perceived by the user at different viewing angles (horizontal and vertical viewing angles).

The SEQ maps represent the difference between the perceived mean sphere and the expected one (that is, SEQ error)

The CYL maps represents the oblique astigmatism produced by each lens.



The optical performance of the lens always improves as we use steeper base curves.

The steeper base curves proposed for this study (CoVision) generate lenses closer to the

Percival forms, that is, lenses for which the mean sphere error is small. These lenses present

residual oblique astigmatism.

Edge thickness is virtually the same for both base curves .


CoVision 1.74 index ASP lens data chart


CoVision 1.74 index ASP lens data chart



Custom designed 1.74 Index ASP Base Curve lens series for American, European and Standard 4.00-4.50 Base Curve frame fulfillment.

Superior optics and Optimum light course achieved with the largest undistorted field of vision.

Highest rated lens for durability and performance for scratching, hazing and crazing by NSL/Colts testing.

Aspheric designed curves will also manage 1.74 Semi finished plus (+) lenses by special order with molds of 6.00 BC.and potentially 8.00 BC.

Stock lens offerings can be manufactured private label if desired for your Brand marketing.

1.74 DoGreen monomer is a Plant based monomer made with a Palm oil additive that is responsibly harvested for socially conscious consumers.