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China Optometry Travel Event ends successfully
Release time:2021-04-14 Reading volume:2495

On April 14th, China Optometry Travel Event——Chongqing ends successfully.

As one of the sponsors, Conant is committed to promoting the development and progress of the optometry industry and is a strong supporter of the conference.

This China Optometry travel event attracted about 200 eyeglasses colleagues from all over the country to participate, the wonderful theme sharing is very fruitful, the activity scene was packed.


Wang Zheng, marketing training manager of Conant, shared the theme of "Psychological Application of glasses consumption behavior" on 13th.

From the perspective of behavioral psychology, he expounded and analyzed the current situation of consumers, business marketing cases, scene behavior, management status quo and other phenomena.

Through rich and detailed case analysis and scenario application, in-depth study of customer consumption behavior, to provide professional technical guidance for the participants.



The booth of Conant was very popular, with consultants coming in an endless stream. The participants were very interested in cornet's products and corporate culture.

At this meeting, Conant brought many products and single pages to show, and participants showed great interest in connett's hot-selling products and said that they had harvested a lot during this trip.

Chongqing station of China Optometry Travel Event successfully concluded, our next station, goodbye!