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Public welfare: Bright Action • Protect the "bright" color and build a bright future together
Release time:2021-06-29 Reading volume:2471

June, Conant and Pingyao Kangming eye hospital, to pingyao county family poverty, low vision students free glasses, donors for patients with amblyopia, congenital cataract, salvage surgery of congenital oblique students, school for each class for eye health knowledge lectures, and students and parents to carry out the teenagers vision control lecture hall.



Prevention and control of adolescent myopia has become a serious problem affecting the quality of Chinese people in the future. The original intention of this public welfare activity is to attract the common attention of all sectors of society to the eye health problems of teenagers. Through the publicity of eye health knowledge, students can master the scientific method of using eyes and avoid the development trend of myopia at a younger age. It can create a good atmosphere of government-led, department coordination, expert guidance, school education and family cooperation in the whole society.


Strengthening the prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents and promoting the visual health of children and adolescents are the "Bright project" which is concerned by the central government, the general public and the society.

Conant has been committed to the prevention and control of youth myopia, actively respond to the national call to "jointly care for children's eyes, so that they have a bright future."